Partner Spotlight: Harris Tea Company

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Groucho's Famous Sweet Tea

Over 40 Years of Tea Sourcing Excellence!

In staying true to our values to serve the highest quality products while being mindful of the environment, Groucho's Deli is proud to partner with Marietta, GA based Harris Tea Company to produce the private label tea blend that goes into our award winning Groucho's Famous Sweet Tea!  Harris Tea Company has been providing our brewed fresh daily tea blend loved by many for over a decade. 

It all starts with sourcing from the best tea gardens

The foundation of Harris Tea began in the 1940s when a tea trading company, with roots in Calcutta, India, acquired tea plantations with a mission to bring the finest quality of black tea to the US market.

Directly Supporting Farm Communities

Their commitment goes beyond the tea they purchase. Harris Tea Company directly supports farm communities through the Harris Freeman Foundation. The Foundation’s projects impact the lives of our farming communities through financial contributions, developmental projects and sustainable practices.

Learn more about their contributions

Committed to Environmental Stewardship

Harris Tea Company is committed to environmental stewardship and sustainable business practices. 
Their efforts are focused in four main areas: eliminating waste, reducing energy usage, reducing packaging, and increasing reliance on renewable energy sources.

LEARN MORE about their sustainability efforts. 

Groucho's tea blend by Harris Tea Company is the perfect beverage to put in our NEW *Biodegradable Foam Cup

Partner Spotlight: Harris Tea CompanyIn staying true to our values to serve the highest quality products while being mindfu...
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